Philip Barnao


Hudson Valley Realty Team

508 Bloomingburg Rd, Middletown NY 10990

Rock Star Agent...

Philip Barnao

Phil is a valuable member of the Hudson Valley Realty Team for multiple reasons. He has 20+ years experience in the construction field, successfully owning and operating a contracting & Home building business in Orange County, NY. He is well versed in real estate transactions, having bought and sold countless properties.

He is a resilient entrepreneur and life-long student of marketing and sales. Phil's digital marketing and promoting expertise give our clients an edge when listing their homes.  We don't just list on the MLS and hope.. Phil has a strategic plan to get HVRT clients more exposure to provide a leveraged advantage in selling their home.  We know how to sell homes FAST and get TOP Market Price for them because we have the pressure to sell our own properties or risk losing lots of money! We implement the same advanced marketing strategies to sell our clients home.   

In addition Phil's knowledge of construction will aid in your home buying process as he can offer expert advice on the condition of properties, approximate renovation or repair costs etc.  His understanding of market trends and excellent negotiation skills will ensure that you get the home you desire for the best price possible.

  • Contractor since 1999
  • Bought/Sold 30+ Investment properties
  • Expert in home valuation
  • Expert in digital Marketing Strategies
  • Sells homes quickly
  • Residential & Commercial market experience
  • Strong relationships with industry professionals


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